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"Jag har fått ta ut svängarna och utforska sidor hos mig själv som tidigare legat dolda, något som fått mig att bli mer hel. Jag känner djup tacksamhet till alla terapeuter och de jag mött under åren på Humaniversity."


- Jenny Supriya Nordqvist, psykoterapeut



"Efter en helgkurs gör jag alltid samma reflektion; helgen var utformad just för mig. Jag ser klarare vilket ansvar jag har för situationer som kommer upp i min vardag. Strukturen under helgen, kompetensen och kärleksfullheten från kursledningen har hjälpt mig att se min egen potential."


- Annsofi Cederörn, sjuksköterska & chef


Helgkursen Authentic Relating



This workshop is a unique opportunity to get a full dose of love and friendship - so don't miss! It is lead by Rajan Waitz and the Stockholm team

Learn the magic of authenticity! This workshop will show you how to create strong friendships and relationships based on honesty and trust.


”I used to have a huge gap between what I was feeling and what I was communicating and expressing, and as a result my relating became a game rather than an authentic meeting. I couldn’t really relax in my relationships and I felt lonely. Learning to know myself and having the courage to express what I feel transformed my relationships. When I am authentic I can feel myself, the other and a deep connection between us. I’m not lonely anymore!”


When you are able to express yourself with an open heart, you become powerful and attractive. You have discovered the secret of authentic relating.


“I look forward to guiding you through the course in a safe, warm‐hearted and passionate way, using my own life experience.” Rajan Waitz


Practical information:

Dates: 14-16 June

Times: Friday 18.00-23.00, Saturday 08.00-23.00, Sunday 09.00-17.00

Price: 3 900 SEK includes meals but not accommodation since this is not a residential workshop. The price is incl. VAT for private persons, excl. VAT for companies)

Early bird: 15% off the course fee (3 315 SEK) if you register and pay before 5 May

Venue: Dansterapicenter, Skeppargatan 6, Stockholm

Registration: info@humaniversity.se. Your registration is binding. Information: anjali@humaniversity.se, 070-6574677


About Rajan Waitz

Rajan is Norwegian and has lived at the Humaniversity

since 2006. He is trained by Veeresh, the founder of the

Humaniveristy.From Veeresh he has learnt to trust his

heart, be true and to give everything in his work with

people. Rajan is compassionate and present. He shares

himself with openness and transparency, and he works

with what happens in the moment. He includes

emotional awareness and expression, body therapy,

social meditations and supports participants to see

themselves through the relating with others.


About Humaniversity Therapy

Humaniversity Therapy is a dynamic method of

encouraging healthy personal growth and development.

In addition to overcoming barriers and helping you to

release unhelpful beliefs and feelings, our work can

help you to discover your many positive qualities, such

as joy, compassion, self-esteem, spiritual connection

and your ability to form relationships and love.The

therapeutic work of the Humaniversity aims to guide

you on a journey of becoming more conscious about

yourself, your inner world and your relationships.







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