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Courage - Personal Power Skeppsudden

"Jag har fått ta ut svängarna och utforska sidor hos mig själv som tidigare legat dolda, något som fått mig att bli mer hel. Jag känner djup tacksamhet till alla terapeuter och de jag mött under åren på Humaniversity."

- Jenny Supriya Nordqvist, psykoterapeut

"Efter en helgkurs gör jag alltid samma reflektion; helgen var utformad just för mig. Jag ser klarare vilket ansvar jag har för situationer som kommer upp i min vardag. Strukturen under helgen, kompetensen och kärleksfullheten från kursledningen har hjälpt mig att se min egen potential."

- Annsofi Cederörn, sjuksköterska & chef


Courage - Personal Power 

"No matter what the problem is - love is always the answer" - Veeresh

“Over the years, my understanding of what ‘Personal Power’ means has evolved and expanded. Today I see  that my ‘Personal Power’ is based in my loving heart. It goes into action when we have the courage to follow our heart and when we are able to take responsibility for what life presents us with in the here and now. I believe that deep down we all want to be able to turn the challenges in our lives into positive solutions for ourselves and others and create a better world for all to enjoy. The good news is that this can be learned and practiced. This is what the workshop will be about”                                                                                                        Geetee


Personal power is an inner strength that often you do not know you have until needed. Personal Power is acquired while growing up, making mistakes, learning from mistakes, making better choices. Personal growth and development is about mastering one self, not others. Personal Power, our inner strength, is composed of:

  • Knowing who you are
  • Open heartedness
  • Being comfortable with yourself
  • Taking responsibility
  • Being honest, trustworthy and dependable
  • Living your life from a place of integrity.
  • Knowing what you want and being at ease with finding your way forward


The workshop ‘Courage – Personal Power’ will be healing and nourishing for your heart. It is for you if you wish to practice and improve on these life qualities. Join if you are up for an exciting ride with like-minded people in a safe environment and want to create some fun in life

“Love is the goal of my work, friendship is the way and awareness is the key.”

Practical information:

Dates: 8-10 November

Times: Start Friday 17.30, end Sunday 17.00

Plats: Skeppsudden course center, Norrköping

Price: 3 400 SEK, ex VAT for companices. Food and Accoommodation: 1 500 SEK (paid directly to Skeppsudden)

Contact and questions: info@humaniversity.se, Anjali 070-657 4677

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About Geetee Klappenberger
Geetee became a Humaniversity therapist because he continually strives to become the most loving person possible. He wants to support people to live happy and fulfilled lives.

He feels he can contribute to the vision of the Humaniversity by helping to create a more beautiful world for us all. Geetee likes to create intensity and depth combined with a loving heart, warm care, friendship and fun. He works with emotional release, encounter, social interaction, personal

power and marathons. He lives his "rock and roll" style of life with high energy.  He is a big-hearted loving friend, a passionate drummer and enjoys great house and trance music.

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