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»  29 - 31 mars

Love in Action, Skeppsudden

»  14 - 16 juni

Authentic Reating, Stockholm

»  8 - 10 november

Courage - Personal Power Skeppsudden

Love in Action – Humaniversity weekend workshop

   ''Stop and listen, and you will be amazed by all the wisdom within you''

"Jag har fått ta ut svängarna och utforska sidor hos mig själv som tidigare legat dolda, något som fått mig att bli mer hel. Jag känner djup tacksamhet till alla terapeuter och de jag mött under åren på Humaniversity."

- Jenny Supriya Nordqvist, psykoterapeut

"Efter en helgkurs gör jag alltid samma reflektion; helgen var utformad just för mig. Jag ser klarare vilket ansvar jag har för situationer som kommer upp i min vardag. Strukturen under helgen, kompetensen och kärleksfullheten från kursledningen har hjälpt mig att se min egen potential."

- Annsofi Cederörn, sjuksköterska & chef


This Humaniversity workshop is a unique opportunity to get a full dose of love and bliss - so don't miss!

Love is a subtle energy flowing through your being. Opening your heart to your body and your mind, you will feel the essence of life and be amazed! You will dive deeply into yourself with therapeutic awareness exercises, created to bring you in contact with the energy from your loving heart.

When you share this space with others, it will help you to stay in the Here and Now , and you learn to be open while feeling vulnerable and soft. Love is receiving and giving, taking and letting go, welcoming and saying good bye. This leads to a process of gentle healing of hurts from old belief systems and conditioning acquired during your life. The result will be that you find fulfillment and contentment within yourself.

Who you are in your everyday life, in work, with friends, with family and in your intimate relationships will then be an expression of love. Imagine your life originating from that source of love.

"When love goes into action,

Life becomes amazing,

Our minds

Become naked,

Our hearts

Start to radiate

And the world

Becomes a Paradise."

(Veeresh; from the CD 'Love in Action')

Practical information

Dates: 29-31 March

Times: Friday 17.00-Sunday 17.00

Price: 3 400 SEK (course fee), 1 500 SEK (food & accommodation)

(the course fee includes VAT for private persons, ex VAT for companies)

Venue: Skeppsuddens kursgård, hemsida www.skeppsudden.com

Registration: info@humaniversity.se

For more information: anjali@humaniversity.se

More about Humaniversity methods and therapy: https://www.humaniversity.com/what-we-do

About Chandrika

Chandrika Carrivick-Zimmerman is a pshychologist and has lives at the Humaniversity since 1985. She is an Executive Director, she trains Humaniversity Therapists and leads workshops in Humaniversity Therapy, specializing in primal and parental issues as well as group dynamics. "I love taking care of people and making them understand that they are loveable just the way they are. To bring people back into their hearts is my passion. When they start to radiate, it makes me happy and that is what nourishes me."

You can read more about Chandrika here: https://www.humaniversity.com/chandrika

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